Monday, November 19, 2012

Desserts for Thanksgiving Fun

So, I am into mainly healthy type buzz word: real foods!  This post will make my real food readers scream in horror!!  I am making..made some processed typed desserts.  My daughter, an assistant teacher at a Christian school, always sees ideas from other teachers or students.  Though not so 'real food' the creative food ideas they come up with are sure fun.

Here are some fun food ideas for Thanksgiving.  We are planning scattering these non real foods around dessert bar.  We have several more wholesome desserts we are planning but I think these cute little delectables will accent our Thanksgiving dinner.

I apologize for not having the step by step pics of making these desserts.  I hadn't planned on letting anyone know that we made them since they don't fit the bill for 'real food.'  :)  They ended up soooo cute that I had to confess my non real food desserts. :)

Not so real food #1: A bowl full of Acorns

Hershey Kisses
Miniature Nutbutter Cookies
Chocolate chips

Separate the miniature Nutbutter cookies and then cut them in half.  Press a Hershey Kiss on the peanut butter cookie side and then 'glue' with melted chocolate chips the other plain Nutbutter cookie with a Hershey Kiss onto the other Nutbutter cookie with melted chocolate.  "Glue" a chocolate chip onto the other side of the Nutbutter cookie. 

Note from Paula: We are planning on scattering 'acorn' around the desserts.  Yum...chocolate and peanut butter...a great combination.

Not so real food #2: Chocolate Pilgrim Hat

Chocolate covered cookies
Reeces Peanut butter cup
Chocolate chips...melted
White Icing
Peanut butter chips

"Glue" the Reeces Peanut butter cup onto the Chocolate covered cookie with melted chocolate chips.  Decorate with white icing and garnish with a peanut butter chip.

Not so real food #3: Oreo Cookies Turkey

Oreo Cookies
Reeces Peanut butter cup
Chocolate chips...melted
Red chocolate chips (these are new at the store, at least at our and green chocolate chips!)

Place a whole cookie flat and cut another Oreo in half and remove the filling.  "Glue"with melted chocolate  a Reeces Peanut butter cup upside down on the flat cookie.  Next, "Glue" with melted chocolate the half cookie to the whole Oreo cookie behind the Reeces peanut cup.  Garnish with a red chocolate chip.

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  1. Those are so cute -- especially the PB cup turkeys. ;)