Friday, October 26, 2012

How I saved $15,000!!

Perhaps no one has noticed that I haven't posted lately nor about food.  There has been a great reason.  I had some extensive surgery done that I thought was going to be simple, back on my feet, mere bump in the road....oh well, I am laying here like a bump on the log not the quick bump in the road. 

Anyway, my post isn't about how well or unwell I feel but how I saved $15,000!!  I have been a reader of Reader's Digest magazine for years.  It was always a short article for a moment when I could find time  to sit down.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the magazine around for a couple of years and grabbed the chance while sitting in one of the multiple doctor appointments.  One article caught my eye by a doctor talking about how he saved money for a surgery.  Facing surgery myself, it peaked my attention.  This doctor had a son facing a $35,000 hospital bill for the pending surgery.  The doctor decided he would shop around the different hospitals to lower the cost.  He lowered the hospital bill by thousands of dollars. 

When my doctor walked into the room, I asked her what hospitals she used and for the codes of my planned surgeries.  First step done and on my road to try and save money.  I called the first hospital's business office and gave them the codes and my insurance information.  I was told the hospital costs would be just under $5,000...ouch.  Then, I proceeded to call the other hospital's business office...$20,000!!!  I asked if this included the anesthesiologist, drugs and possibly other fees that the first didn't included.  Nope, that was just the hospital's cost.  I immediately called the first hospital back knowing I must have read the codes wrong or something to make that much difference in price.  Amazingly, the price was still $5,000.  I saved us $15,000!  I told my hubby; I wanted $15,000 in small unmarked bills for me to spend. lol 

The cheaper hospital was a private owned hospital and only a surgery center.  From now on, I am going to price shop for my medical care.  My doctor's office was surprised as well and said no one had ever asked for codes or checked hospital prices before.  This was a new one to them as well.   Another interesting fact, which some may call coincidence but I will call God directing my steps, the doctor's office doesn't carry the Reader's Digest magazine and it just 'happened' to be sitting by my chair in the waiting room.  I am grateful for God's big ways of ordering my steps.

An amazing footnote to the cheaper hospital, they served my meals with real dishes, silverware, and served meals like steak and grilled salmon.  I felt like I was in a restaurant and the decor was like a hotel.  It was so nice and the medical care was compassionate and outstanding.  I was one pleased patient, well, as happy as you can be while in pain.  The nurses would always ask me if I needed anything and I told them "A new body."  Unfortunately, they were fresh out of new bodies so I have to keep my aching old one. :)


  1. Paula! I have missed you! Sorry to read about your whereabouts....and them not being a 'simple' bump in the road. Wow though!!!! Great post that I know Greg will be wanting to read as well. We are all about trying to save money....and healthcare seems to be one of the more difficult places to do that successfully. Praying for your recovery!!!! God's blessings! Jayne

  2. Thank you for sharing this post! I enjoy all your posts... not just ones about food. Hope you can truly rest while you recover.

  3. Hi Paula,
    Hope you're feeling better soon. I just discovered your blog tonight while googling for a glaze for some sweet potato rolls I'm working on for my blog. I'm having a ball looking around. I make bread ALL the time but I use a bread machine--only to mix and knead, never bake. I very curious about the grain grinder. Perhaps I need one but am wandering where I would buy whole grains.

    BTW. I like your name. :-)

  4. Life sooo happened back then and I didn't realize that I had not replied to the comments. I am better. There is life after surgery. Well, there is life several weeks after recovery, holidays, schooling kids, .... :)

    Concerning a grain question, if you still have one let me know. I don't want to go on a rant here and you think...'like why is she writing about all this info when it has been soooo long and I have all my questions answered. Let me know if you still have questions.