Saturday, September 8, 2012

Easy Sandwich Fillings

I feel at a loss to tell you my fillings as you will probably say those are as plain as peanut butter and jelly!   Probably so but just think toward different.

Fill your whole wheat pita bread with veggies...sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots and squash.  Throw in some red onions rings.  Garnish with green leaf lettuce.  This makes for a very colorful and in my book appetizing sandwich.

For those of you who are not vegetarian and say "where's the beef?"  Brown ground beef and add barbeque sauce to the cooked meat.  Mix well and fill your whole wheat pita bread.  This is a sloppy jo style pita sandwich.  Yum.

I have used avocado dip; egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad and my kids have even put peanut butter and jelly in their pita bread!  Like I said this type bread simply changes lunch and dinner theme to a new twist.

Here is our family chicken salad recipe, though not so original. :)  It fits the bill for easy.  What can I say?

Chicken Salad Recipe
a Sutton creation and favorite meal

Pull out your Bosch Mixer and the Gourmet whisks OR Batter whisks. Simply put the hot cooked, boneless chicken breast in your Bosch bowl. In seconds, you will have shredded chicken ready for your chicken salad or add barbeque sauce for a great chicken barbeque sandwich.

2-3 Cooked Chicken Breast Shredded
3/4 cup relish
3/4 cup mayonnaise*

Mix and serve on wonderful home made bread.

*Check out for making homemade mayonnaise with your Bosch blender. So easy and healthy to make!

Stuff into your fresh whole wheat pita bread with the wonderful fresh chicken salad.  Enjoy

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