Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soda Anyone?

I have been teaching my kids consequences of our decisions lately.  We tend to make decisions not counting the cost or future ramifications of our decisions. 

I think a more expanded picture is that all our actions are not just about us or the benefits/consequences those actions cause.  Many times we may look at ourselves as a sole inanity and that we can do what we want because we may justify whatever consequences may fall our way as we are willing to take the 'hit.'  Unfortunately, this is not the way it really happens. I used a can of soda illustrate to my kids how consequences affect everyone.  If I decided that I like the thrill of shaking the can of soda and love the fizzy taste that comes from a shook up can of soda, therefore, I have the right to shake the can and let it spray.  I am willing to take the chance of soda spraying all over me.  It is my choice.  Right? However, the problem comes as the soda doesn't stay only on me but sprays/damages all around me. 

My decisions and choices aren't just about me but affect those around me.  My choices both good and bad have a lasting affect on those around me and can last for years to come.  This came to pass as we found a stain on our furniture left from a careless spill done perhaps a year ago.  Argh.

If you really want to make a graphic lesson for your kids of the consequences of choices made, go outside and let them all take turns shaking the can of soda.   Have them all gather round as you pop the soda can open.  The sticky mess is well worth a lesson learned that our choices damage us but more importantly they damage those around us.  Lessons in action sometimes speak louder than our verbal teaching times.

Help you and your family learn a life lesson that will help to make right choices.  Shake a can of soda!  

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