Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to know when food is really whole wheat!

Since school has started, the sandwich is king for an easy lunch to fix.  Having whole grain bread enhances the nutrition for your child's school lunch.  To be honest, bread products on the market...should I say your typical grocery store breads...won't measure up to the below standards listed below for choosing whole wheat bread.  Here is an easy recipe for great whole wheat bread: Whole Wheat Bread Recipe!

Sue Gregg has a wonderful cookbook selections  that have great recipes but also have lots of nutrition information.  Below is one of the check lists Sue Gregg gives to make sure you are getting the whole grains you are wanting in your bought bread.  (Click here and check out page 1 & 2 to see her many cookbooks)

LOOK FOR                                                   AVOID

100% Whole Wheat flour                               Wheat flour (means white)
                                                                      White enriched flour
                                                                       Bleached white flour

Sprouted Grains

Other Flours                                                    Unbleached white flour
(Kamut, spelt, corn, rye,                                
Buckwheat, oats, millet,
Barley, brown rice, oat bran,
Wheat bran, rice bran

Vegetable oil or no oil                                     Fats: hydrogenated or partially
                                                                      Hydrogenated vegetable oils,
                                                                      Shortening, margarine

Nuts, seeds                                                     

Honey, raisin syrup, barley malt                     Refined sugars: white, brown
Or no sweetening                                          corn sweetener, corn syrup,

Sea Salt                                                        Monodiglycerides

Yeast                                                            Unpronounceable chemicals

Sour dough

Note from Paula:  I think it makes it easier to just make your own bread!  You can make 100% whole wheat bread or multi-grain breads in one hour.  You will know what is in your bread...fresh nutritious whole grain bread!  The Bosch Universal Plus mixer makes bread making a breeze. 

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