Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grilled Burritoes...Yum

This is yet another wonderful recipe I enjoyed via one of my daughter-in-laws which has now become a regular meal in our home.  This is an easy burrito to make and the grilling simply adds a pizazz that makes a meal unique and tastes wonderful.

whole wheat tortillas
shredded cooked chicken *
cooked black beans drained (you can use drained canned beans if you don't want to cook them)
diced whole tomatoes
diced cilantro
shredded cheese
olive oil

So now that you are totally frustrated with no exact measurements for my ingredients, let me tell you why.  Depending on how many grilled burritoes you want to make determines how much of each ingredient you need.  For each burrito you need:
1 tortilla;  in center of tortilla spread: 2 Tbls shredded, cooked chicken, 1-2 Tbs cooked black beans; 1-2 tsp diced tomatoes; 1 Tbs cilantro; 2-3 Tbs shredded cheese.  Roll the tortilla and brush with olive oil.

Place the seam side down on the hot griddle.  Brown and then turn to brown the other side.  This only takes moments depending on how hot your griddle gets.  The cheese and toppings will melt together and make a wonderful grilled burrito!  Yum. 

This dinner fits the bill for inexpensive, FAST and EASY!!  My kids love them.  You can even make more than you would need for your meal and then freeze the extras.  The grilled burritos re-heat really well.

Have a fun meal that won't heat your kitchen.

*Note from Paula:  Remember to use your Bosch Universal Plus Mixer to shred the hot cooked chicken breast in seconds!  Simply use your gourmet whisks and the Bosch Mixer will do the work of shredding your chicken ready for your meal.  Again, this fits the bill for fast and easy meal.

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