Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now on Pinterest!

Social media is the way to discover lots of recipes, craft ideas and much, much more!  I am now on Paula's Bread Pinterest....and twitter!

This really is a way to meet the different ways you like to keep in touch via internet.

1. You are interested in only a once a month, there is the monthly email newsletter.

2. You are interested in 3 to 4 times a week contact with recipes, cooking tips and how to use your kitchen equipment.  Join my Paula's Bread blog and/or Paula's Bread face book.  The extra advantage of these two social media is I have incentives and coupons posted.

3. You like seeing all the pics of different items and some of my crafts our family has done, join Paula's Bread Pinterest (click here!)  For those who aren't familiar with Pinterest, it is a place where lots of people post their craft/recipe ideas or ones they have found from web sites or blogs that they like.  It is a really fun place to visit. You will find yourself addicted to it like the rest of us.

4. You like getting daily small notices of cooking tips OR recipes, follow Paula's Bread Twitter (click here!)   Would love to have a instant connect with you all!

Looking forward to staying connected with you via social media!!

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