Friday, March 9, 2012

Insecurities (Part I)

I have recently been reading Beth Moore's book, "So Long Insecurity." She begins the book by stating how hard it was to even buy the book much less letting others know you are reading a book titled, "So Long Insecurities!" How true, how true. I agree with her whole-heartedly that all of us have areas we are insecure. Don't be fooled that all others are totally secure and not struggling with insecurities like you. We are all in the same boat but just sitting in different places on the boat of insecurity.

So with that said, Beth Moore has some very practical suggestions to overcoming the insecurities and foremost is realizing we need NOT look to people, circumstances, money, our looks for our security. I do recommend reading the book. You can always tell all around you that you are reading the book to help all the 'other' people with their insecurities; and then, let healing begin in your own life. :)

Truly, the one who loves us most with all our quirks, and who gives us a large place of security is Jesus. I am so grateful that even with all my quirky insecurities, Jesus loves me.

Once again, a good book for these cold winter months: "So Long Insecurities," by Beth Moore. I have more to share on this topic but that will be for post II!

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