Friday, March 2, 2012

Dressing up your Bread!

I shared with you different glazes to make your bread look pretty and add flavor (olive oil glaze). The main glaze for the garnishing is the egg "wash" because you need to have a sticky type glaze to make the garnishes stay on the bread dough. You then bake the raised bread dough to a golden brown. The garnishing add great beauty to your bread. It will make your bread have the artisan look without all the fuss. All will be impressed with your great baking style!

You will want to use this wonderful kitchen gadget/tool. A silicone pastry brush. This is great because you can wash the pastry brush in the dishwasher ensuring that the brush is sterile after using an egg wash! (Click here for more info!)

These toppings can also be 'hidden' clues as to what is in the bread! Like the flaked onion topping can be done for your cheese onion loaf; oats for oat bread; herbs for an Italian herb bread.

Poppy Seed Garnish: Use an egg wash to make the dough color nicely during the baking stage. You simply sprinkle the poppy seeds over the egg washed bread. However, you can press the dough into the poppy seed. This will keep them from rolling off the dough as it bakes. I made dinner rolls. They make a beautiful presentation for your dinner.

Sesame Seed Garnish: Use an egg wash to give the dough a golden brown effect then press the sesame seeds into the dough OR sprinkle them on the bread. You can leave the egg wash off IF you want a light colored dough. This is best with hamburger buns.

Bran Garnish: When you are using your L'Equip Flour Sifter with your Bosch Universal Mixer, you have bran left over. This is yet another place to use the wonderful bran! Use the egg wash; then, sprinkle with the bran. It makes a golden look over your bread.

Dried Onion Flake or Cheddar Cheese Garnish: This is great, especially if you have cut in 1/4 chopped green onion and 3/4 cup shredded cheese into the loaf.

Oat Garnish:
Glaze the bread dough with an egg wash. Sprinkle with raw rolled oats. It will cook nicely and give a great look!

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