Monday, March 26, 2012

Caught Sitting on the Job!

I had the joy of meeting new friends in St. Louis, Missouri at the GSLA convention this past weekend. You all are great people and I feel I have made numerous new friends! Thank you for your great hospitality and friendship.

My kids and I enjoy traveling together. This trade show season always brings fond memories for us. My kids are so helpful in the set up for these trade shows and then, helping in talking with customers. I guess they have become soooo good that I thought I would take a break. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter documented me sitting on the job, letting them run the booth!

Ahh, the multiple uses for buckets of wheat which we bring for sale at the trade shows. The buckets make a great chair while holding your wheat safe and secure. Perhaps you could consider using buckets of wheat as new furniture decor. :) So what was I reading with two of my sons? We had just bought a joke book and were having a great time reading jokes and laughing.

My favorite joke?

"My favorite author is my husband. So what has he written? Checks!" Think I will remind him that Mother's Day is coming and he needs to write some more books. :)

Speaking of Mother's Day....there is a great sale to be announced soon! Stay tuned!

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