Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Perfect Cranberry Punch for your Christmas/New Year's

Okay...the word is EASY!! That is my middle name. This is a fun and EASY punch to make for your festive parties. It has such a great presentation and looks so festive and fun for your party.

Cranberry Punch
1 gallon cranberry juice
1 2-liter Sprite*
1 orange (sliced)
1/2 cup xagave** (click here)
24 oz. whole cranberries(this is only for looks, so you can do more or less!)

Simply pour all the ingredients together! I would suggest preparing this early so that the oranges have a time to soak into the juice to enhance the flavor. You can wait the Sprite till the end so that you still have the fizz.

*For a more healthy punch, don't use Sprite but use apple juice.

**You an substitute the Xagave for honey but realize you will taste the honey in the punch. This isn't a bad thing but sometimes people don't want the honey taste.

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