Friday, September 2, 2011

Easy Salmon Patties

This is a fast and easy meal to make. It also falls into a healthy meal category by adding fish to your diet! I serve this simply in the patty form but you can put it on a bun and make it like a hamburger! You can also break it up and put it in pita bread. Let your imagination run with your presentation of this fast main dish.

2 cans salmon
1-2 cups bread crumbs*
2 eggs
1/2 cup chopped onions

Remove bones and skin from the salmon and chop/shred the fish. It is not a problem if some is still there. I just like to remove as much as possible. Mix all remaining ingredients with salmon.

Form into patties. Braze both side in cocoanut nut oil. You can keep these warm in a low temp oven till ready to serve.

We eat these as a stand alone patty but you can put them on a hamburger bun or break the patty into chunk and put it in pita bread. It is a wonderful way to get fish in your diet. Love them!

*Healthy Bread Crumbs
Use 3-4 slices of your stale bread and simply blend the slices! You will have wonderful bread crumbs. You can also add other seasonings (Italian, garlic, etc), if you like a little zest in the crumbs.

Note from Paula: You can add other spices to the recipe. My daughter in law likes to add a tsp of oregano and tsp Italian seasoning. The point is you can make this a spicy fish with chili powder/cumin or Italian with other seasonings. Let your imagination go on this dish!

The point is that it is fast and healthy meal in the pressure filled time of our lives.

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