Monday, August 29, 2011

Down home in Texas

It was so nice to reconnect with many of you at the Woodlands Home school convention in Texas. You all were full of hospitality. I have made lots more friends as I don't consider you all customers but friends. :)

When we go on the road doing trade shows we seemingly bring everything, even the kitchen sink. We bake in our booth small loaves of bread so people can have samples of fresh bread and see how easy it is to make bread as well as multiple other things with the Bosch Universal mixer. It is always fun to show people right there in the booth how easy it is to make bread.

This was our last trade show for the year and celebrated by going to the Tim Hawkins live show at the convention. It was a real treat to laugh with a good clean comedian. Laughter truly is good medicine. Even after standing on our feet for 3 days with the convention, we felt energized after the show.

Thanks for making it such a great weekend for us.

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