Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!

How grateful I am that I live in a free country. What a joy to have a special day to celebrate our great Nation.

God bless America.

I Stood Beside the Flag Today

I stood beside the flag today
And watched it gently wave;
I saw amidst the stars and stripes
America, the great...

A land to which the masses turn,
A land that still is free,
A country that still has been spared
The rule of tyranny.

I stood beside the grand old flag.
The tried red, white and blue...
Compatriots, this flag and I,
Of a nation fair to view.

A nation built upon God's truth,
Where He is still the key
To keeping this, our glorious land,
A torch of liberty.

by Loise Pinkerton Fritz

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