Friday, June 17, 2011

Italian Herb Whole Wheat Bread

One of the beauties of the basic Bosch recipe is that you can make one dough to create so many different types of bread flavors. We were making our family favorite, grilled pizzas, and decided to make a different dough for the pizza and a loaf of bread.

We added the 3 Tbs of the Pizza/Pasta mix (click here) to the 5 loaf recipe (click here). The pizza dough was fabulous and the was wonderful. It had a nice flavor to the bread and made a good side dish bread for our Italian meal. I know people usually think of French bread with their Italian meal but the Italian seasoning herbs had so much zest to the bread. I would recommend simply slicing the bread and serving it in a bread basket with some garlic butter spread.

Just for clarification, the butter is simply mixed with garlic powder or garlic granules for those who like the garlic pieces within the butter. Fresh garlic will make it even better!

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