Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good to Meet You!

What fun we had in Naperville, IL meeting new friends. I don't consider any of you customers but now new friends. Thanks for your hospitality.

I always have fun doing workshops and letting people know how easy it is to feed their family nutritionally and not spend hours in the kitchen. As moms we feel responsible to feed our kids this balanced diet but life is so fast paced it just doesn't seem possible. With the Bosch mixer, I have been able to accomplish nutritious bread and meals without taxing my time. During the convention, it was fun to hear the excitement and relief of many who realized they could do it too!

In fact, here is one comment from one of my new friends:

I just bought the Bosch & Grain Mill set from you this weekend at the ICHE convention. I just wanted to let you know that (on Saturday) after the conference, I came home and ground wheat into flour and made bread, cinnamon rolls and pizza. My diabetic mother loved that I used agave. My young sons 6 & 3 loved every concoction I made! My husband is delighted with my enthusiasm and glad we made the purchase seeing as how it cuts down my breadmaking time by more than two hours! I feel blessed to see my family eating healthy. Thank you Paula, for your recommendations
and encouragement!

Great to meet you all!
Gloricelly, Cicero, Illinois

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  1. I'm so excited to find your blog. I've been looking at getting a new mill and mixer after both of mine were broken in our move back to the States, we are military. But what I'm even more excited to find is a like minded blogger!!!!! Focus on the Family, Living Waters & Voice of the Martyrs on your blogroll!!!!!! You bet I will become a follower!!!!!!