Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's Dominoes

Have you ever felt like your life was like crashing dominoes? In my last e-newsletter, I mentioned the goal to have the character of Daniel yet it seems life's circumstances seem to crash like a row of dominoes lined up. All the dominoes of my plans for the day are lined up perfectly to make a well planned day. My plans for the day are going to work like a well oiled machine for an efficient, controlled day. So whose the wise guy that tips the first domino only to make my whole day of lined up dominoes crash in the precision row? Argh.

So how can I be like a Daniel with my crashing dominoes? Look at the crashing dominoes from God's perspective knowing that He will bring order to my chaos and He can help me reign in my emotions that want to sink down into a puddle of tears. He can help me see the design the cascading dominoes made OR perhaps make one domino in the path of the crashing dominoes stop the falling cycle. Have you ever seen a lone domino not fall and stop the free fall? I pray for the lone domino to stop the fall but even if He doesn't stop the fall, He is still God and is in control. Thank you Jesus! So, this is the time to cry out to Him knowing He holds the keys to all my life and He is in control. Hold tight dear friends for the ride of our lives even in the midst of life's dominoes!

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