Saturday, February 5, 2011

Burr Baby Its Cold out here!

Many of you in mid-America have had this recent winter storm hit your abode. We were not left out on this one. The blizzard hit late Monday night and continued through Tuesday. We marveled as the snow piled higher and higher. My kids thought it fun to run out use themselves as the yardstick. Crazy as the snow drift was hip deep. We ended up getting 20" of snow in our area.

After the storm, we began to dig out. We had drifts 5' to 6' in some areas. Our biggest goal was to shovel our drive/road to the main street. It was a full day job. My hubby and I are feeling all our muscles and bones. Our kids who helped us? They are still full of energy and playing in the snow. be young again.

A funny to my kids snow play: They love building snow forts. Each child found the perfect place to build their snow fort. One of my children discovered that by the garage door was the perfect wind break and snow in abundance. He proceeded to shovel snow over his shoulder building a fabulous snow fort. The only problem, at least in dad's eyes, was he buried our cars in snow!

We have been reading the "Little House on the Prairie" series. Boy am I thankful to born in this era. The thought of trying to stay warm with a little kitchen wood stove and waking up in the morning with snow dusting my covers as Laura Wilder did...horrors. I am definitely not the constitution to make it through that type of winter storms.

May all who live in balmy weather enjoy and get a sunburn today! :)

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