Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charge for the New Year (part I)

Okay so I have told you in the last post of Dashed Expectations III that I am changing the series to a charge for the new year!

God really stirred my heart when all my 30 year traditions went out the window this past Christmas. I have begun to see a new charge for the new year...being available to Christ on His terms not my own.

Amazingly, Isaiah 7:14 prophesied that Emmanuel (interpreted God is with us)was coming and even they would see the signs to know when/where it would happen. So were they ready and watching? Did they receive Him when He came? The answer was God came amongst Israel and nobody noticed nor received Him. People were too busy with life making money to pay their taxes that they didn't even notice that Emmanuel was with them. The King of Kings came and no one noticed! God came and had to dwell among the animals in a stable. I not guilty of the same, too busy with all my responsibilities that I miss God amongst me?

Here is a story to illustrate the great treasure missed 2000 years ago. A man had a bar of gold and had it encased in a cement block. He held a banquet and had the cement block set in the doorway. As the guest came under the invitation that there would be a great treasure for those who found it at the banquet, the guests stumbled over the cement block and complained what a nuisance it was to have in the doorway. They looked for the treasure in how they thought a treasure should look. They had the treasure right before their eyes and didn't see it. At the end of the banquet, the host told the people that they had stepped over a treasure. Christ is in our midst, the ultimate we step over the apparent stumbling block and miss it?

Next post on wise men who did seek the treasure....I yearn to follow the wise men example. Stay tuned.

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