Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bosch Slicer/Shredder Accessory

Have you wondered why this accessory is called a 'slicer/shredder?' It is because FDA regulations require a locking lid for a kitchen tool to function and be labeled food processor. The slicer/shredder does have a locking lid but will still work if the lid is not properly locked. Why anyone would want to turn the slicer/shredder on with a spinning blade is beyond me!

The slicer/shredder is one of my favorite accessories for my Bosch Universal Plus mixer. (click here to see the Bosch Universal slicer/shredder attachment) So, why buy the Bosch slicer/shredder? It has a 12 cup capacity which holds a lot of shredded cheese, a real plus for me! It has a shredding and slicing disks which do both thin and thick. You can slice almonds and veggies to perfection. The French fry cutter makes fabulous French fries out of your potatoes but I use it to cut my veggies for stir-fry foods or shred iceberg lettuce for tacos! It is so easy to use. The slicer/shredder can be expanded with the julienne disk and/or the rasping disk. The rasping disk makes perfect snow ice. (click here)

The best is that it can become a mini mixer. I used ours Christmas day to make our whipping cream for our pies. I had used my big Bosch bowl for our mash potatoes and used the slicer/shredder bowl with the mini whip to make home made whipping cream. I simply poured heavy cream into the slicer/shredder bowl with 1/2 cup powder sugar. I turned the Bosch mixer with the slicer/shredder attachment and whip to speed 3 and in minutes had perfect whipping cream. Delicious. (Click here to see the whisk accessory!)

The mini whisk does a great job mixing light batters or making whipping cream.

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