Thursday, November 25, 2010

Say "Good-bye Black Friday"

So how does this series on gift giving fit the Tips for the Harried Woman? I think Christmas shopping is the toughest time causing pressure and harried women as most of the gift giving falls to us. So, here are some great inexpensive gifts that will enhance a cook's kitchen! Sometimes we amble through the store trying to find something unique for this long list of people that we want/need to buy for. We end up buying a cheap item that falls apart and is history within months.

Below are some Christmas gift ideas that will make the cook smile and are great products that will last! They are also items that are easy gifts to meet the tight Christmas budget! Let me help you this Christmas!

Gifts ranging from $10 to $25!!

Stainless steel bread pan: $11 (click here)
Stainless steel bread pan makes a perfect sandwich size loaf.

Bread Making DVD: $15 (click here)
Learn how to make bread, cinnamon rolls, mock rye bread, pull aparts, pizza and much, much more!

Stainless steel cake pan: $16 (click here)
Check out the 8" square cake pan also available!

Stainless steel pie pan: $16 (click here)
Heavy duty 9" pie pan

Stainless steel jelly roll pan: $20 (click here)
This durable Jelly Roll Pan will stand up to years of constant use. It conducts heat evenly for uniform baking of jelly rolls, cookies, French fries, and more.

Stainless steel cookie sheet: $20 (click here)
Bake cookies, pastries, biscuits and rolls, pizza, tater tots, french fries, etc. Features a flat end for sliding off baked goods quickly and easily with no mess.

Stainless steel muffin pan: $24.99 (click here)
Heavy-duty stainless steel muffin pan makes 12 standard sized 2.5" muffins. Use for making cupcakes or hor's oeuvres.

Stainless steel pizza pan: $16.00 (click here)
I use this 16" pan for making pizza but also as a serving tray.

Steel French Loaf pan: $12.00 (click here)
Heavy gauged steel that makes 2 great loaves.

Stainless steel mini omelet pan: $22.00 (click here)
You will love this little pan! Has a Tri-ply encapsulated base for even cooking. Easy for kids to use!

L'Equip Coffee/Seed Grinder: $24.99 (click here)
You can mill: Coffee, spices, and seeds.

Bread Starter Kit (yeast, gluten, bags, dough enhancer): $24.99 (click here)

**NEW! Pie Kit (pie pan, pastry blender, pie topper): $24.99
A great kit to give to get the cook ready for great pies! Save money with the kit purchase.

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