Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home for the holiday!

Does "I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams" come to your thoughts as the holidays approach? With Thanksgiving approaching, this poem touched me with the chord strings of why people are drawn to return home during the holidays. Enjoy the poem and Happy Thanksgiving.

Home Again
by Howard Biggar

Home again--it's good to be
Where the home lights softly glow,
'Midst the folks you love the best
And the many friends you know.
Mighty pleasant where the cheer
Of the fireside gleams, and then,
Flickers low to gleam once more--
Home again.

Home again--here one forgets
All the sorrows, all the care.
And it seems as though you dwell
In a world that's free from care.
Here is where those childhood days
Live again in memory when
You come back to stay awhile--
Home again.

Home again--how swift the years.
Steps sound heavy on the floor.
Age has changed so many folks
That you knew in days of yore,
But the laughter and the song
Bring once more the fleeting past.
How you revel in the wish
This experience might last--
Home again.


  1. what if....

    you NEVER had a "home" and still do not have a place to 'return' to! ?

  2. I am so sorry as I hear tremendous pain in your comment. I should have glossy words to perhaps sooth over the pain but the reality is you and many others have this pain of no past earthly home to return too nor have memories of a home of days gone by. I know there is future home waiting us all with no pain nor tears and that is where our real treasure and home are.

    In the meantime, we live in this fallen world which holds many pains. I have wondered why God allowed some of the hard trials of my past to enter into my life. As I have bore these scars of my past, Jesus gave me the sweet comfort in showing me His scars. He made me realize my scars could be used as a warning sign to others to not go down a certain road or allow certain actions to hopefully thwart the same pattern of pain in others.

    I guess my admonition to you is to know God has a future and a hope for you and others who have walked your road. Ask God how you can use your pain to encourage others to be conscience to build a home for their family and to count their blessings. As Esther was told, "God has raised you for a time like this."

    I am praying for God's grace to abound to you.