Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratefulness shared

I know our focus on November is for gratefulness to be our theme. I have projects and encouragements for my kids to be focused on things they can be thankful for. There is one thing that I started several years ago which I found my kids look forward to: hearing from me! Several years ago, I decided to make a name place-card for the Thanksgiving table setting. Instead of just a card, I made it a thank you note and praise to that person. It wasn't just a quickie thanks but a short letter to my children, husband, mother or whoever we have over for dinner. It has become a delight to them to keep as a special note of my thoughts and gratefulness for them. This is something you can do in advance as the day of Thanksgiving is so busy with all the food fixings. This is a great way to invest a great memory of your praise to your family. Prepare them today and keep your them your little secret. You will love the joy and sometimes tears your notes bring. :) Happy Thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for with another day to serve Jesus.

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