Sunday, November 7, 2010

Generational Fun!

Family, another blessing to be grateful for this busy month of November....

We have had a diversion in our schedule with my mother in law visiting. Our sweet Granny has spent hours playing games with the children. I think we get so caught up in our regimented schedules that we forget to stop and make time for eternal relationships.

We set up a card table and brought out games galore to play with her. I am grateful that God diverted our week with this special visit. My kids are able to enjoy their granny and listen to her stories of old. We feel like we have stepped back in time listening to her school days of the 1930s, meeting their grandfather during World War II, etc.

I would encourage you to find ways to rekindle family relationships during this holiday season. I have decided to keep the card table handy and the board games handy. So much laughter and fun come when playing together. Play a game today!

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