Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Promised Land

As many of you know, my husband worked in Houston, TX for 3 years. He commuted home on the weekends or we traveled there to be with him. We have been nomads for the past three years. This summer he retired from his job of 30 years. God has given us other occupational directions. The biggest challenge and hope for this transition was that God had called us to enter the promised land in returning to OK. I am not saying that people living in TX aren't in the promise land. In fact, most Texans will tell you that Texas IS the promised land! :) I was recently challenged with another view of what entering the promised land means. It means taking the land, it means battles to win; it means being a conqueror. I guess I always thought the promised land would be a land of cush and ease since that was the milk and honey. Be ready dear friends with sword in hand to take your promise land that God has for us as women! Watch for my series of posts about my journey into the promised land.

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