Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sinfully Scrumptous Dessert!

Okay true confessions, we don't always eat nutritious and we have our hidden sin: the love of ice cream. :)

My hubby came up with a fabulous way to get great flavors in ice cream without the huge expense. He buys the large gallon of plain cheap vanilla ice cream. How dull can you get? But wait, there's more!

He also buys delectable miniature butter fingers...or miniature snicker bars....or reeces get the picture. Out comes the Bosch Food Processer; in goes the miniature candy to be chopped into small crumbs. All the ice cream is put in our Bosch bowl with the dough hook. Pour the candy pieces on top of the ice cream. Mix. You now have a Sonic Blast in huge proportions! Yum. We put the ice cream back in the container and freeze. We eat to our hearts content.

The only problem when making these delectable ice cream concoctions is that you don't want to quit eating ice cream. So come enjoy our vice and dish you out a bowl of the concoction of choice!

Here are the step by step pics of a heavenly dessert in the making! Your Bosch Food processor is great for chopping the hard little butterfingers into crumbs! Yum. Notice I also used the Bosch dough hook to mix the ice cream and butterfingers. The dough hook did a nice job of mixing and I didn't have the issue of cleaning the wire whips.

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