Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Fun Trips

We had a new adventure this past weekend visiting a unique museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. While I went to work at the NTHEN convention in Plano, TX, Robert took the younger children with a tour group to the Creation Museum whose founder is Ken Ham. Do you sense that something is wrong with this picture? I am the harried woman working while the family vacations!

They made a touristy pit stop at the St. Louis Arch and then off to Kentucky. It was a fun filled trip with lots of others in the tour group. They made lots of friends and memories.

What an amazing museum that showed the impact the flood had on history and mankind. If you have never been to the Creation Museum (click here to learn more) or have wondered the evidence of a world wide flood, this museum is a must. What an amazing testimony to God's hand in creation.

I must admit that I was not quite harried while the kids were vacationing as I took a dear friend with me and we had a ball. What a fun girl trip it turned into for me!

It was good to meet many of you and reacquaint with others in Plano. Thanks for your Texan hospitality.

They also got to meet and speak with Ken Ham! What a treat.

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