Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good to Meet you!

Thank you for making our family so welcome at the Woodlands in Houston, TX. You all showed great Texan hospitality. I wish I had had more time to talk with you each individually. I really don't feel like I have customers but lots of friends all over the United States. You all have joined my list of great friends. Thanks.

We also had fun meeting John Erickson writer of Hank the Cowdog series. A fun twist to all these home school conventions is we get to meet lots of neat people, authors many of which become great friends!

What a fun weekend we had! See ya'll from Texas next year!


  1. We LOVED Hank the Cowdog!! Forget DVD players, my kids are going to get Hank on car trips JUST like I did! I also got to meet the author once at Barnes & Noble!

  2. We did buy some Hank the Cowdog books and an audio book to go home by. The kids were laughing and enjoying the book on our trip home. Hours of time pass quickly, when listening to audio books!

    The son whom we bought the books for is an avid reader and has already finished the books we bought 3 days ago! sigh He is ready for more. I think I will start checking the library for more!