Friday, August 20, 2010

Cure for Honey

Have you ever bought great raw honey only to pull it out of the pantry to find it has crystallized. Well, the next step is slowly heat it in warm water to turn it back to liquid. You have to be careful as the water surrounding the jar of honey can quickly boil and heat the honey causing it to lose nutrition.

Here is a helpful hint....Use God's creation, the sun, and this wonderful warm August month to turn all your honey back to a liquid state! Be sure to keep your honey in a glass jar with a very tight lid. Simply put the jars of honey out in the sun in a safe place from critters (pet dog or running children!) and let the sun do its work. This method will take several days but it won't heat your honey to a high temp ruining the nutrition. You can simply let the work be done while you do other things.

What a great way to get back to nature and get your honey ready for the winter.

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