Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the road again!

We have been traveling the mid-west with trade shows and enjoying getting to meet you all and help you with your kitchen tools. Will have more posts later about interesting audio books that we have been listening too but for now I have an interesting twist to our trip to Iowa.

We had extra time in Des Moine IA, so we decided to tour the state capitol. What a surprise to get a personally guided tour by Representative Pettengill. She saw us stopped by a locked door at the capitol and offered to take us on a personal tour. What a treat to hear how a state representative works with the lobbyist, the people, fellow representatives, researches the bills, etc. She was so kind and we had great fun. The kids got to walk the lower floor of the house and, as you can see in the pic, we got to sit in the speaker of the house seat!

Thank you Representative Pettengill and all you Iowans who made our stay so pleasant.

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