Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good-bye Katy,TX

We have made many friends in our second home of Katy, TX. My hubby, Robert has worked for CITGO Petroleum for 30 years. His job was transferred to Houston 3 years ago. We decided to commute from OK to TX until he reached retirement age. This magical age has arrived and he is now retired.

We would drive down to Katy and spend 2 to 3 weeks with him and then he would commute back to OK on the weekends to visit us. It has been a harrowing and long road of commuting this past 3 years. As I have told in other posts about the story God is writing in our lives, this has been a wonderful story full of lots of adventures and trials. The biggest joke was bad weather follows me! I have driven through tornadoes, snow storms, high winds with driving rain, and had many near missed car accidents. Thank you Jesus for all your protection over these years. I know it will be with much surprise as I watch the 'rest of the story' in heaven. My guardian angels will show all the times they whisked me away from harms way. I think they are relieved this commute is over as well. :)

We will so miss our friends and our church, Katy Bible Church. You all are so special and have made us feel so welcome. Thank you for your love and friendships. We will never forget these sweet years.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I remember you telling me this story the day I bought my wheat grinder from you! We are thrilled for you guys to all be back under one roof full time!

  2. Thank you! We are so excited for the new adventures God has in store for us. I have a 'honey do' list a mile long for Robert! :) He is excited about getting to finally be home long enough to do them. Hooray!