Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meaningless numbers? No! (Part 2)

I thought I would give a personal example of how seemingly insignificant events of life do count.

Early one morning I received a phone call from my son who was serving a mission project in Asia. He told me that he had a friend who had recently received Jesus and who wanted to talk with me personally. In broken English, this friend said, "I want to thank you for sending your son to us. Some day we will meet in our home and I will be able to thank you."

I was stunned. My first thought was..."I didn't 'send' my son, he went freely" and then I thought,"Don't thank me, I didn't do anything!" I was so humbled by this grateful man and cried tears of joy for him that he was now a child of the King but also tears of sorrow knowing the bondage and persecution that his country had for believers in Jesus.

After we had hung up, I began to thank God that He had allowed me to touch Asia as I sat in my home in America. You see I had no idea that when I was changing this son's diapers and wiping his runny nose that he would become a man who would touch many lives in Asia. My seemingly insignificant role as a mom to raise this son was used by God to reach the other side of the world!

Never discount your mundane tasks because in eternity we will see perfectly and be amazed how Christ was in every aspect of our lives. Renew your energy to finish the course. Run with Endurance!

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