Friday, May 28, 2010

More E-course Class Info!

The Nourished Kitchen, Jenny just announced that her course will offer LIFETIME access. Jenny's course will cost ONLY $120 (or $140 with 4 payments of $35) and the access is unlimited -- and it will not run out. They can go back to the class content or the forum indefinitely -- for life.

If you all have never taken a cooking class, they usually run $25 to $75 and you only have the one opportunity to learn the vast information from the cook. With this e-course, you will be able to watch the class over and over! There is always so much to glean from cooking classes.

I hope you all jump on board. Time is ticking and the open window to sign up for the class will be over. Click the side bar for info and to sign up!

Happy baking!

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