Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resurrection Dessert!

I am re-posting this dessert/Easter idea. It is a traditional Easter dessert we make. It is a fun dessert but also a vivid testimony of Christ's resurrection from the dead, we make "Empty Tomb" pastries.

This is not so healthy but easy which is really a plus with all the other hubbub going on that day! :) I use Pillsbury croissant rolls. I give each person one wedge; one marshmallow; and paper w/ tooth pick.

Place on the table several sets of bowls. One will have melted butter and one with cinnamon/sugar mixture. Each person will roll their marshmallow 1st in butter, then in the cinnamon/sugar mixture. They then place it in the croissant dough and seal the marshmallow well. Each creation needs to have the person's name on their have the toothpick and paper. I have found the toothpick stays in the dough and the paper will endure the oven temp and survive the cooking process.

This is such a great picture of the resurrection as the marshmallow disappears during the cooking process. When we eat our dessert, we can rejoice that Christ has risen and the tomb is empty!

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