Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Beginning!

So many have heard me tell about my original bosh that I bought on SALE for $500 back in 1984, here it is! Definitely not like the new style Bosch and not something I would bring to a demonstration. It is working and we do still use it. As you can see, I am making bread in this pic. The beauty of Bosch is that all the new attachments fit the old machine. The machine style is definitely dated but not obsolete. I think this really makes the Bosch stand apart from all other mixers, when a 26 year old machine can be expanded to include the present day kitchen tools.

The story July of 1984 my hubby got me a Kitchen Aid mixer which I was very happy with as I had grown up with a kitchen aide mixer. In September, my hubby saw a brochure on this newfangled mixer...the Bosch that could make 5 loaves of bread. He told me we needed it. I told him I didn't want it as I had my Kitchen Aide and was making bread by hand just fine. For Christmas 1984, he bought me the Bosch Universal Mixer. I was shocked and couldn't imagine why I would want another mixer! Little did I know this was not just a 'mixer!'

The first time to make bread, I was sold. I made 5 loaves in one hour and then put the bowl in the dishwasher. Wow! I sold my kitchen aide and have never looked back. I wondered how I had lived that long without this wonderful kitchen tool.

The Bosch mixer is my number one tool in my kitchen. If you haven't taken the plunge to invest in a great kitchen tool, now is the time. They are running a fabulous Mother's Day Special. You will never regret your investment with the Bosch Universal Mixer!

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