Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bosch Blender

What Can The Bosch Blender Really Do?

Many have wondered the power of the Bosch Blender and what exactly could they blend with it. Is it a worthwhile accessory? Too many have had the counter blenders that never really blended properly and simply took up space on the counter.

The Bosch Blender is not your average counter blender. You will be able to make wonderful smoothies, crushed ice, protein drinks, graham cracker crumbs, chop nuts, and much, much more! Many have asked how it compares to the Vita Mix. The Vita Mix is a great machine but it doesn't really blend the food well. Thus, Vita Mix gives you a plunger to mash the food down to get to the bottom blender blades. The Bosch blender genuinely swirls the mixture in the blender giving you a full mixing of your drink. The Bosch blender does a great job blending/mixing your food.

The biggest advice to be given for the Bosch Blender is starting the blender before you fill it with food or ice. Usually what makes a blender break is cramming it full then turning the motor on. Just as trying to run in water is difficult, cramming the food in the blender is forcing the blades to turn while the motor is immediately put at a high speed. Best is to start the blender then, add the food products or ice. Frozen fruit need to be chopped before putting it in the blender due to fruit being so fibrous. Cutting the fruit in smaller chunks will prolong the life of your Bosch Blender. It is a fabulous addition to your Bosch Kitchen Mixer and you will love the drinks you will be able to create.


  1. I just found your site this morning when searching for recipes that use the Bosch blender. My younger boys are practically in tears that I'm returning the Vitamix to Costco today as they love smoothies, etc. But, after meeting Lacey from L'Equip and hearing that I can do practically everything in my Bosch blender it makes no sense to spend $$$ on a Vitamix!

    Thank you for sharing about it here and posting recipes. I know I can always use some inspiration for my kitchen.

  2. We use our blender several times a week, if not daily! We love it. One thing you will notice is that it vortexes your food. It will completely mix the food without having to plunge the food like the Vitamix. Let me know how I can help you with your kitchen needs.:)