Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade English Muffins

This fits the bill for fast and easy AND tastes GREAT!!  It was funny the curious stares my kids gave me as I made them English Muffins.  First, we are not a rice cake or English muffin type family.  I seldom buy this type bread nor do we get it when out at a restaurant.

I made my homemade whole wheat bread recipe as usual; but this time I patted the dough into small balls and pressed them in cornmeal.  This began to draw my kids to me in the kitchen.  When I pulled out the skillet, it really drew their attention.  Telling them I was making English Muffins brought quizzical looks like....what's that?  looks strange...don't think I will eat any!

Well, I was not deterred.  I made them and told them they had to at least TRY them!  English Muffins made; English Muffins disappeared!  They loved them; I loved them.  Now for the real question, do I want keep making them to supply these hollow-legged kids?  Can I afford the temptations in making them as I want to keep eating them?!  Makes me think I should just put them on my hips and forget the eating process.  I guess you get the point...THESE TASTE GREAT and they are way EASY to make!

Without further ramblings....

Whole Wheat HOMEMADE English Muffins
Basic Bread Recipe

Step One:
Pinch off small balls of dough (about the size of large golf balls).  Flatten the dough ball and press onto cornmeal*

Step Two:
Spray your skillet well with Vegaline Spray. Set your heat on medium heat.

Step Three:
Cook about 6 minutes on each side of the bread or until brown.

Cool. Cut them and enjoy!!

*I used the L'Equip NutriMill Grain Grinder to grind my popcorn to make fresh cornmeal to press onto my bread dough. This really sets your English Muffins apart!

L'Equip NutriMill Grain Grinder. This will grind all your grains (Popcorn for Cornmeal) and beans. It is a wonderful kitchen tool which will make all your baked goods taste better!

Fresh popcorn turned into cornmeal!!  You will be so surprised how much better your cornbread or anything you use cornmeal will taste simply because you used fresh corn flour!

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