Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I hate the way I walk

My dear friend's daughter wrote an incredible blog about her disability.

Once Susie was a typical young girl running, jumping without a care and then it all came to a stop! On a sunny Sunday afternoon, her family was romping around in the pool. Through a freak accident, Susie was hit on the side of the head. She screamed in pain and then seemed to be okay though her head hurt. Susie got out of the pool, came inside and laid down. My friend, her mom, tried to wake her up and then life turned upside flight, induced coma, days waiting to wonder if Susie would live, if Susie would be able to function.

Function she does!! Nine years later, Susie is a vibrant young woman who is a part of Praise band and brings sunshine to all that cross her path. Not only is she sunshine, she has written a very thought provoking/challenging blog...please read and be as blessed as I from this phenomenal young woman.

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