Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wheat Concern Saga Continues Part III

Question #2  Is your wheat GMO free? YES

 I sell  GMO FREE wheat.

I think the bigger issue is the info that is claiming our wheat is not the same as the ancient wheat and that we are not getting the nutrients we need.  This type of info gives the impression you are eating chemicals...dead, artificial foods.  The answer is NO!!!  I guess this is more fear mongering words that are making the masses at large jump on the band wagon to take wheat out of their diet and not consider if the facts are true.

Remember, it is the PROCESSED foods that are our real enemy!  Many talking points site all the grocery  isles of wheat products (cereal isles, baking isles, bread isles, foods in frozen section, TV dinners) as the bad wheat.  The talking points don't point out that the 'wheat' used in these multiple products is highly refined, processed flour with most of the foods having additives, artificial colorings and flavorings, not to mention loaded with high refined sugar!  Could it be the lowly wheat kernel is taking all the blame when the sugar and the chemicals created to give us the flavors and colors we think we deserve are the real blame?

Let's get a broader view and think about ancient food of old.  I would first point out that with the grains of 'old' and the foods of old, were the people healthier than we today?  Were life spans as long as today's life span?  This is not to start a battle on foods or to determine life spans, as I think we eat way too much processed food and need to eat more natural foods made from scratch.  The  point is we have put the ancients on a pedestal.  In trying to get some balance on this subject, I have been reading VERY boring paleontology info (study of ancient diseases)  which  talk about the small bone frames of the ancients; skeletons w/ bones that are poc marked and huge tooth decay.  This doesn't give you the idea that the ancient grains were giving the people great bone density nor the overall health.  In fact, most of the sites talk about 40 years old as a ripe old age for the 'ancients'!  I am just saying we need to take a breath and not memorialize the health and foods of the ancestors.

So for today's food choices, I would tell you that certified organic anything is best for you.  Before you throw wheat out as the culprit for all health woes...Have you completely changed your diet making everything that you put in your mouth to 100% organic foods?  Do you eat canned goods (they leach aluminum into the food)?  Do you eat out (processed food served here)?  I guess my point is that is we need to do our best and relax.   Though I would love to say that our family is eating everything organic, we are not.  We do what we can and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, health is almost a god in our society and we jump on whatever bandwagon will tell us that we will live to be a zillion years old with a youth potion that will keep us from looking a zillion years old!  I think we need to make healthy choices but not to the detriment of our sanity in trying to jump all the health hurdles put before us.  We need to deeply inhale and enjoy the journey of life and the people around us.

Since all of us like stories and the talking mantra seems to give stories as their backbone for truth, I give you a story....

Have you read Laura Ingalls Wilder books?  Have you read The Long Winter?  This is a depressing book if I ever read one and I am glad that I am not a pioneer!  I love my air conditioned/heated home; I love my Bosch mixer that makes my bread; I love my Nutri Mill that grinds my wheat and not a coffee mill that the Wilder family used.  I am made to live with conveniences and in  the modern world!

In the Long Winter book, it showed how the family survived the winter on a parcel of wheat bread each day as their only sustenance.  They made it through the winter and lived to tell about it.  Our family went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Missouri and got to see many of the artifacts that are talked about in the books.  Very interesting.  The museum even had the clothes and shoes they wore.  It was amazing to see how tiny Laura's dress small her shoe size was.  It looked like a child's shoe.  The point?  Not the image of a strapping young woman who grew up on the untainted wheat that the talking points make us believe grew these Godzilla type people.   In fact, if you go to any Civil War type museum and you will see small, child size uniforms that the adult men wore.  These men were eating the wheat of old that talking points want us to believe made thin, fit and bronze people.

So with a story told to 'prove' my theory: ancient whole wheat didn't make a bigger better human any more than today's whole wheat makes a fatter, malnourished human.  Unfortunately, I don't think my hypothesis would be validated by my story but it does make sense. No?  The real story is the 'ancients' ate whole grains but didn't have abundant food supplies and were for the most part malnourished and therefore skinny.  Here in our industrialize world we have too much processed fast food available to stuff our bodies with making us fat and happy!

 My mantra is to sit back and smell the roses and let the anti-wheat/anti-gluten proponents have their say as you enjoy a nice slice of WHOLE WHEAT bread made with FRESHLY GROUND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR with all its 39 vitamins and minerals.

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