Saturday, May 4, 2013

Whole Wheat Calzone

Here is yet another thing you can do with bread. I love my Bosch Universal Mixer because it makes life so easy to create fantastic food! This time I am making Whole Wheat Calzone using my basic whole wheat bread recipe...First you go to the basics and make your Basic Whole Wheat Bread Recipe!

Pick your basic whole wheat bread dough recipe size here:

Whole Wheat Calzone

Step One: Roll the bread dough 1/2" thick into a round circle. Your circle will be depend on the size servings you want to make. I made individual calzones so I made small 6" circles.

Step Two: Place the filling of your choice on one side of the circle. Pepperoni and grated cheese; Thinly sliced roast beef and grated cheese; spinach, ricotta cheese & mozzarella cheese; the list goes as far as your imagination! 

Step Three: Fold the other half the bread dough circle over the side with the filling. With fork tongs, press the edges tightly together.

Step Four: Bake 350 degrees till golden brown.

Step Five: Pasta dip. I simply used tomato sauce mixed to taste with Pizza Seasoning. You could have an alfredo dip; cheese dip...again, let your imagination go!!

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