Monday, April 22, 2013

Another blessing!

I have been off the race track of life and business playing!  I had the 'burden' of playing with my grandchildren and cuddling my newest grandson.  Such a hard job but somebody had to do it!  I loved every moment and sat for hours simply holding our precious little one.  My hubby would ask me if I really enjoyed just sitting and staring at the 2 week old.  I gave a wholehearted "Yes!"

My hubby on the other hand entertained the two year old brother with multiple games.  Robert has bruises all over him as he was the tramplene for our two year old grandson to bounce on granddad.  From the time our grandson woke up (7 a.m. ) to bed time, it was non-stop play with both granddad and grandma.  I did the more quiet things like reading books and building train tracks.  Still sooo much fun.

Grand-parenting sure is fun and everything we had dreamed it would be.  I guess I am back into the real world. sigh.

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