Friday, November 2, 2012

Cranberry Relish Made Easy

Your Bosch Universal Plus Mixer to the max during the holidays as it is the ultimate kitchen mixer. It will shine this holiday season making cooking a breeze by letting this kitchen power tool do your jobs at lightning speed.

See below the quick guide to letting your Bosch Universal 

Plus Mixer accomplish your kitchen tasks!

Our Family Cranberry Relish!
1 pack (4 cups) fresh cranberry
2 medium oranges w/ rind*

Generous 1 1/2 pecans

Step One:
Process all ingredients till coarse.

Step Two:
Add 2 cups raw sugar or to taste and mix well. Chill OR Freeze!

*Be sure not to use the seeds nor the center of the orange.

If you notice, I used the Bosch Universal Mixer meat grinder to make the cranberry relish! In case you are wondering, the Bosch meat grinder has multiple uses from processing your own meat, making nutbutters to making your holiday relish. I love my Bosch and all the accessories that make it the complete kitchen center.

Note from Paula:
This recipe though common and probably everyone's family recipe but it brings fond memories of my grandmother. She always had this delicious cranberry relish gracing our Thanksgiving table and following Christmas dinner.

Other Wonderful ways to use the Bosch Universal Kitchen Center!!
Bosch Gourmet Whips:
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes in minutes (Click Here!)
  • Fresh Whipped Cream for all your pies! 

Bosch Food Processor attachment: (Click Here!) 

  • Flaky Pie Crust in 3 minutes (Click here for recipe!) 
  • Puree your fresh pumpkin or anything that you need pureed! 

Bosch Cookie Paddles: (Click here!)
  • You can make all your favorite cookies for the holidays


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