Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Death by Mashpotatoes!

One of the fun things I love about visiting my daughter in law's is that we cook together.  They are even on board in adding to the Paula's Bread blog!  They enjoy sharing with me new recipes and know that they will be blessing the readers at the same time.

This month my sweet daughter in law shared a multitude that I will share with you over the next few weeks.  First, let me tell you about how these mash potatoes are the 'death' of you.  They are laden with wonderful creamy butter and heavy whip cream.  Are you beginning to see why it would be called 'death by mash potatoes?" :)  The problem is that they are soooo good that you can't resist them.  You end up eating several helpings.  I thought I could stop myself but like the rest of my family, I had to have just one more bite.  Several 'one more bites' later the mash potatoes were merely a memory.

Remember, your Bosch Universal Mixer with the gourmet wire whips will make these creamy mash potatoes in minutes.

In case you didn't notice, I am using my 'old bowl!'  My new Bosch Universal Plus mixer is on the road as we do trade shows.  We keep our 1984 Bosch Mixer on our counter to make all our great creations.  Bosch Mixer is a wonderful stand mixer because they are a mixer to last!!  I am STILL using my original 1984 Bosch Mixer!  I love my Bosch ixer and I know you will too!

Without further a due let me share this wonderful Mash Potato Recipe given to me by my daughter in law.

Death by Mash Potatoes
from Just Joy cookbook
4# yukon golden potatoes*
4 sticks butter cubed
2/3 heavy cream
salt & pepper to taste

Peel potatoes and boil.  It is better to stop cooking potatoes at 'just' done or they will become watery when whipped.  When potatoes are done, pour into a colander and drain for 30 seconds.  Warm the cream slightly.  Put the cooked potatoes and the warm cream into your Bosch Universal Mixer.  Whip at speed one adding the cubed butter; and salt/pepper to taste.  With your Bosch Mixer, you will have these potatoes whipped creamy in about 2 minutes!!  YUM!

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