Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Sprung with a can of Paint!

Normally, people talk about flowers for spring, April showers, and the budding trees. Well, those things are happening and we have planted numerous flowers around our house. I guess I should say, I bought the flowers and my children planted them! lol I have learned these old bones don't bend as easily and my kids plant so much faster.

Okay, I have digressed from the topic of spray paint for spring. As I was sprucing up our flower beds, I noticed the old, sun-faded lawn chairs. If I were a perfectionist, I would have had them sandblasted, then primed,and then painted. As you know from my usual recipes, the main word for my cooking is "easy" or "fast." So would you believe this mindset simply spills over into my view of make-over as well. Can you believe it? I thought so! :)

I bought $1 black gloss spray paint and started spraying over the dulled chairs. I am thrilled and have now upgraded our lawn furniture for about $15! Yes, that is a lot cans of spray paint and spraying but the furniture looks sooo good. I would recommend putting on disposable gloves or at least taking off your rings before you start. guessed it. In my impetuousness, I started spraying away. The drips came, my fingers and unfortunately 2 of my rings were also painted. My hands eventually cleaned but the rings are sort of a dull shine. Guess, I will have to add the ring cleaning to the price of my cheap spring lawn furniture makeover! :)

Another option in my zeal for make-overs came to my dresser too! This dresser was a light blond wood that matched our now gone baby bed. I decided to upgrade it with spray paint as well. For $6, I now have a "new" dresser and it has set off the bedroom. Spray paint does wonders!

Okay, I went a step further....I also spray painted our polished brass door knobs and light switch plates to the new bronze color. I love spray paint!

So start your spring spruce up job with a can of spray paint!

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