Monday, December 5, 2011

Ginger Bread Town Competition!

I told about our Family Ginger Bread Competition in my last Paula's Bread newsletter. The Saturday after Thanksgiving everyone gathers to have yet another "Thanksgiving" dinner at our home; decorate the Christmas tree and have our annual Ginger Bread Competition.

The kids team up. My married kids are an automatic team. One child teams up with grandma and the younger kids team up with each other. I set the Gingerbread house kits in front of the teams and the race is on. It is so much fun to hear the bantering while they decide on their design/theme for their gingerbread home. There is a lot of kidding comments on each others house as they work. I am always amazed how every year they have such unique designs while all having the same ginger bread house kit to work with.

This year, I told them it was the "Sutton Estates." Their home would be the surrounding houses of our main gingerbread house we make right before Christmas. Our Christmas house will be wonderful, edible gingerbread with fresh candy and icing. Not so nutritious but tastes great. I will share this recipe in a later blog post. :)

Here are the results of our Sutton Ginger Bread House competition. My family was curious on your votes for their gingerbread house...any comments...any votes?

The Cottage

The Beach Bum Home (Honoring our kids in Hawaii)

The Christmas Dream House

Sutton Workshop

Tree Land House

This family tradition is a lot of fun that anyone can do. I simply buy the pre-made ginger bread town. The time to buy the house kits is the day after Thanksgiving OR even the after Christmas sale. I save them till the next year. I tell the kids not to even think of eating the candy or licking the icing because it is so old. They don't and simply have fun.

I love the traditions that make us interact with each other and have a flare to them. You should try this sometime. It is soooo much fun!


  1. Friday of this week is Ginger Bread House Day! We will have 17 homeschoolers at our house each will decorate their own house. My daughter and I have made the small houses using a sugar cookie recipe, part whole wheat flour and some spices,(these give them a darker color) and a 20 year old Wilton plastic cookie cutter kit.
    Love your family idea.