Friday, November 4, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For....

I think all of us get caught up in the day to day activities and hope that memories are being made in spite of us. Yes, there are memories but are they the ones we want to be written in the minds of our family. Memories of mom always being too busy to talk to the child, children...the spouse. Memories of an angry home. Well, the list could go on with negative memories but that is not what my point is about.

I want to encourage you to purpose/think about making pleasant memories in your home. The coming seasons will be full of opportunities to make traditional type memories. I will share more on those traditional memories later.

What I found from my older children was the simple things that I didn't even think were "making memory" moments. Like my older son remembering he loved his dad coming home and playing dominoes with him. Who would have thought that would have stood out in his mind as a young child.

One recent memory that I have been making with my younger kids is letting them walk with me. I walk in the evenings to stay semi-fit. Well, staying fit for a couch potato like myself is a misnomer. :) I do like walking and simply tell my kids I am going walking. They all jump at the chance to walk with me. We have had the funniest conversations during this walking time. A simple walk has turned into a family memory that will go down in the annuals of my kids memory banks.

There are many other little happenings of life that are becoming lasting memories in the Sutton household. My point is not to copy Sutton traditions but simply to purpose to grasp the moments in your family to build great memories.

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