Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cranraisin Cinamon Bread

I simply made a regular batch of the basic whole wheat bread. I used one of the loaves and turned it into a cranraisin/cinnamon sugar loaf. It was soooo good. I thought there would be some left over for breakfast but the kids devoured the whole loaf in minutes. So, do you think it was a hit? This is a great way to make a quick dinner dessert OR breakfast treat.

The key to making a great swirled bread is in the butter. Simply follow the steps and you will have a great bread.

First: Basic Bread (click here)

Step #1:
Roll the dough into a rectangle
Spread melted butter over the entire rectangle
Spread cinnamon/sugar over the butter.
Dot with cranraisins.

Step #2:
Begin rolling one end of the rectangle.
As you make each roll rub butter onto the dough before rolling it over.
This is the 'glue' to hold the dough and keep it from splitting during the baking process.

Step #3:
Pinch the last roll and pinch the ends shut to make sure the wonderful goo doesn't ooze out of your wonderful bread.

Let rise like a normal loaf of bread and bake 350 for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Hope you enjoy it like we did!

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