Friday, September 30, 2011

New Bosch Flour Sifter

Until now it was nearly impossible to have ultra-fine whole grain flour. The L'Equip new Flour Sifter changes all that. This unit attaches to all Bosch Universal Kitchen Machines, and easily sifts the flour right into the mixing bowl.

I have always used my white spring wheat or pastry wheat to make my baked goods. Couldn't make an angel food cake or some other pastry that needed a light flour. The bran in the flour has too much weight in the flour to allow the pastry/cake to be fluffy. Now, with this new attachment you will be able to make the lightest pastries and still use your whole wheat flour!

This attachment has been introduced just in time for all the holiday baking. You will be able to make those traditional holiday baked goods and use your whole wheat flour!

I can't tell you how much we LIKE this flour sifter. It is so cool when you watch the flour fall into the bowl and the results are a light flour. We save the bran to use in later recipes (bran muffins or more bran in my bread) This is a great attachment to add to your accessories for your Bosch Universal Mixer!

Here are some helpful hints when assembling your flour sifter:

1. Put the flour dust cap over the gear at the op of the column in the Bosch plastic bowl. the silicone material will stretch over the cross-pin (one side at a time) and slip down to keep flour out of the gear and slots.

2. Place the sifter's outer ring on the bowl. It attaches the same way the center round lid attaches to the outer splash ring. Twist to lock it on the splash ring.

3. Position the fine mesh screen in the hopper. The mesh screen is magnetic. Simply turn the machine for a few seconds until the magnets engage in the correct position.

4. Put the top cover on the flour sifter hopper before turning on the mixer. Flour can be now be added. Make sure the Bosch Mixer is on before adding flour.
(Note the flour sifter performs best when the hopper is 3/4 full or less)

This new attachment for your Bosch Universal Mixer is only $89.99.


  1. Would I need a flour sifter if I have soft white wheat berries I grind? I could just do the soft white and use that instead of using the flour sifter, right?

  2. You can use the pastry flour as full 100% whole wheat OR you can sift the pastry flour for a 'cake flour' You would save the bran to add to other recipes.

    When I made a whole wheat angel food cake, I needed the sifter to have a light flour. Any other type baking you would want to have a light baked product, the flour sifter is wonderful for!