Monday, September 19, 2011

Bosch Universal Blender Applesauce!

Fall harvest for apples is here and now you can make great homemade applesauce easily.

Simply cut and peel the apples. For large amounts of apples, I would recommend using the AppletMate. (click here) Boil the apples over a low heat. When tender, drain and then blend the apples in the blender. You can also use the Bosch Universal Food Processor to make the apple sauce. Both the blender and food processor do a great job.

My kids think it is great fun to whip up fresh applesauce. In fact, they have been known to cook 2 apples and make it as a quick snack. You can add cinnamon to the finished creation! If your apples are too tart add Xagave (click here) and you won't be altering the flavor of the applesauce as honey would to the applesauce.

Hope you enjoy.

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