Monday, August 8, 2011

Miracles Still Happen

If you have browsed my web site you will find that I support a mission organization in Honduras, Gathering Hearts for Honduras. The ministry began with a simple sewing class under a hut in the jungle. In a little over 10 years, it has expanded include sewing classes, computer classes, vo-tech classes with tuition being to participate in Bible study. It has been amazing to watch how God has blessed this mission center. What is unique about this ministry is that you can personally be involved in directly touching the lives of the people. Your donations go directly where and to the part of the ministry you want it to go. There is no middleman between you and the lives you want to bless in Honduras. I have included a recent update sent by them about just one life that has been touched. (see below) You can see more about the ministry at: Or you can follow their blog (click here) that gives current happenings with the ministry. Be encouraged and read on and see that miracles still happen....

Dear Gathering Hearts Friends,

I think we get so caught up in telling you the advances of the many works at Gathering Hearts Mission Center that we give you just bits and pieces of the mural God is working in the lives of the people of Seis De Mayo. Here is yet another 'rest of the story' of another life God has touched.

We first met Oscar Chavarria about a year ago when he came to Dr. Green's medical clinic. He had survived a machete attack (barely) and was in very bad shape. It wasn't clear at that time just how bad, as we could only see what he was unable to cover up with his tight fitting clothes. We were able to see the gashes on both sides of his face where both ears had obviously been cut through; his wrist was strapped and without movement; and a metal plate that had been attached to a trachea that allowed him to breathe, as his throat had been cut. However, at that point, there was little we could do except give antibiotics to control the infection.

Oscar visited the Mission Center a couple more times between clinics and then again while medical team of doctors from Colorado had arrived. After a quick exam, they said it was imperative that we get the trachea removed from his throat or he would likely develop further infection.

This would require surgery for which we were not prepared. The public hospital was out of the question, even though they had saved his life the night of the attack; and the private hospital was much too expensive.

We had shared the need and several people were praying. One day shortly thereafter, we were shopping for supplies for the manufacturing plant. I noticed right next door there was an office of an ENT specialist. I thought, since I was already there, I would see if perhaps he could help. He was not able to do that kind of surgery but referred us to another surgeon who could. The surgeon was a kind and generous man who agreed to examine Oscar; and on the same day scheduled surgery. Later that day, Cheryl asked me how much it was going to cost and I had to admit I didn't ask. I really didn't forget; I was afraid if I inquired, the discussion would end there. However, we needed to know so I called and talked to the assistant. She said, "The doctor says it will be no more than 5000 lempiras; 2000 for the surgeon (about $100) and 3000 (about $150) for the hospital, including hospital room, surgical suite, etc. That's $250 for surgery at one of the finest hospitals you would find anywhere! It so happened that we had three checks that had not been cashed plus a donation from a dear lady that gave us the exact amount. A coincident? I think not. God is painting His mural showing His precise power over all. Incidentally, this is the hospital where the director of St. Francis Children's Hospital visits regularly to perform heart surgeries on needy children here in Honduras.

Oscar came through the surgery very well and is recovering, though not as quickly as he would like.

A heartwarming footnote: While his life was hanging in the balance the night of the attack, Oscar's sister witnessed to him all night long, and he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. Since then, he has become, to say the least, zealous. When he learned that the doctor's assistant was a member of a religious cult Oscar wrote Scripture verses in small print covering both sides of an 81/2 x 11 page explaining the fundamentals of the Christian faith. This is a young man who has no more than a third grade education.

I think you will be hearing a lot more about Oscar Chavarria in the future.

We thank you for your participation in reaching the people here, through the medical teams; through your giving; through prayer. As you read this story, you can see that all three modes...mission teams, giving and prayer touched this life! Thank you on behalf of Oscar and the many others you, our partners in Christ, are touching to the glory of God.

God bless you,

Gary and Cheryl Kuney

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